Governor's Message - May

    My Rotarian friends in District 5610, I hope all is well with you and family.  We have survived winter, and blizzards in April.  Now let us enjoy spring and upcoming summer months.
    Our club President-Elect Training (PETS) 2018, which took place May 5th and 6th in Mitchell, was a success.  Thanks to District Governor-Elect (DGE) Dave Lorenz, District Administrator Nicole Rawden, District Trainer Nancy Moose, and many other dedicated Rotarians, the event went very well.
    At PETS the Annual District Raffle tickets were collected.  A drawing was held and prizes were dispensed.  Raffle chair Brad Preheim from Centerville will report on the total donations collected in the next week.  It appears to be one of the best raffles to date.  Big thanks to every Rotarian who participated.  Big thanks to all clubs that made a sincere effort to raise Rotary Foundation money, which means we will have more grant money for our clubs in the future.
    Don’t forget the we are in the middle of the ‘Governor’s Club Membership Challenge.’  You have until July 1st to compiled membership contest points for your club.  The winners will be recognized at the fall district conference, so contact district membership chair Carmen Hansen if your club is not participating in the club membership challenge.
    On July 1st, our district governorship is transferred to our DGE Dave Lorenz of the Vermillion Rotary Club.  I must say my year of being your Rotary governor was one of the greatest honors I have ever had.  It was a challenging, sometimes grueling, year of travelling and meeting some of the finest Rotarians I have ever seen.  No matter how exhausted I was, when I was with you at your club meetings, the energy and enthusiasm kicked in.  My excitement about being in the presence of Rotarians made my work a worthwhile.
    Rotarians of District 5610, I ask that you grow in service to Rotary.  ‘Making a Difference’ in your community, supporting the Foundation, increasing membership, and enhancing your public image is what you and I have to do now.  The future of Rotary is in your hands, together we will be successful.
In service to Rotary, In service to you,  DG Steve Harrington

Governor’s Club Membership Challenge April-June 2018

How is your club doing on the membership challenge?  There are only two months left in the Rotary year.  

Division I – LeMars, Mapleton, Marshall Sunrise, Minneota, Rock Valley, Scotland, Canton, Centerville, Sibley, Wagner, Clark, Gettysburg, Suburban Sioux City, Gregory and Tyndall.

Division II – Madison, Marshall, Mobridge, Sioux Falls North, Sioux Falls South, Yankton, Spearfish, Aberdeen, Canby, Cherokee, Custer, Denison, and Hot Springs.

Division III - Mitchell, Pierre-Ft Pierre, Rapid City, Rapid City Rushmore, Sioux Falls Downtown, Sioux City, Watertown, Winner, Sioux Falls West, Vermillion, Brookings, and Luverne.


   Clubs submit a one-page description of their club, focusing on “Why Are You in Rotary, and Why Join Your Club?”

• 10 pts-Clubs who have a membership chair listed in Club Runner.

• 7 pts-Per new member registered in April, May and June.

• 2 pts-Each new guest brought to a club meeting, event or social. The guest should be a potential new member.

• 3 pts-Each new membership orientation class offered.

• 10 pts-For Clubs with zero members leaving before July 1st, except for extenuating circumstances, i.e. moving, death.

    If clubs have already started the challenge and earned points, include those figures.  Clubs will be recognized at the fall District Conference in Vermillion.

Submit your points and club description to Carmen Hansen, District Membership Chair,

—Carmen Hansen, District Membership Chair
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     Let's show our members and communities who and what Rotary is! The new People of Action public awareness campaign materials are available! You can prepare a visible image of Rotary to grow your membership. See the Brand Center for a template to make your own posters and Facebook ads. It is simple, it is effective, it is ACTION!
    The People of Action video from Rotary Brand Center aired as PSAs on VAST and Midco cable channels with a tagline to the District website. Billboards have displayed in Marshall, Sioux Falls and Rapid City! You can ask your local radio and TV stations to air PSAs for free too!
    The following NEW People of Action campaign materials are available now on the Brand Center. There are many other templates, formatted ads and posters. Please feel free to share this information with your club's Public Image team, and let me know if you have any questions.
  • Digital Banner Template
  • Shortened “What We See” video with a 25-second and 85-second version. This allows clubs to add in their own tagline in the last 5 seconds.
  • “What We See” Video with no voiceover with a 30-second and 90-second version of the video, and a script for each. This allows Rotarians to record the video in their own language or dialect.
  • Using the People of Action Campaign: Television ads (Guide)
  • Using the People of Action Campaign: Radio ads (Guide)
  • Radio ad with no voiceover. This allows Rotarians to record a radio ad in their own voice, language, or dialect.
    Use your club Facebook page to promote People of Action ads that you edit and personalize on the Brand Center. Then "friend" the District Facebook group page and link to your club's page, for even more synergy!
    I am available to visit with your club's leaders and Public Image team to create a marketing plan for your club. Arrangements to visit the Marshall area, Brookings, Watertown and Sioux Falls are in the works for late summer. Contact me now!
—Linda Peterson, D5610 Public Image Chair   605-341-5006
    Telling our Rotary story helps the world to better understand who we are: people of action, driven by a desire to strengthen communities, mobilize problem solvers, and find solutions to the tough challenges affecting people around the world.
    Stories about fundraisers, contributions, or international service projects are important and an integral part of what we do, but they’re not necessarily People of Action stories. The People of Action campaign is designed to help better inform our local communities about Rotary and the work we do for the places we call home. To let the rest of the world know who we are, we must let our neighbors know first.
    How do you tell a great People of Action story? A People of Action story connects with people by showing the positive impact we have on our communities. The best way to do this is by incorporating certain elements effectively into your story, such as:
*  A clear focus on a Rotary project in your local community
*   A description of how you or your club identified a challenge
*  An explanation of how club members and others in your community found a solution to the problem
*  A depiction of how your club saw that project through to completion, whether it’s in the works, complete, or ongoing
    Use the People of Action materials in the Brand Center.

Wow! What a terrific Raffle!

   The 2018 Raffle was a tremendous success thanks to all the clubs and their generous prize donations and ticket sales. And once again the partnership with Karl’s TV & Appliance is much appreciated. In total, roughly 5250 tickets were sold. The net total for the foundation from the District will be just under $50,000.
Brad Preheim, Raffle Chair
The prize list and winners:
Grand Prize – Karl's Appliance Kitchen Makeover – Ken Jones, Yankton
Brookings (Gift Basket) – Jay Prouty, Scotland
Canby (Gift Basket) – Jan Hansen, Centerville
Canton (Gift Basket) – Jennifer Soma, Brookings
Centerville (Gift Basket) – Jeff Schramm, Winner
Cherokee ($100 Gift Card) – Cindy Dannenbring, Madison
Clark (Gift Basket) – Di Bohlman, Centerville
Custer (Gift Basket) – Karen Kraus, Custer
Gregory (assisted with grand prize) Ken Jones, Yankton
Hot Springs (Golf, Spa getaway) Ron Gates, Mitchell
LeMars (HD TV) Jerry Johnson, Vermillion
Luverne (Gift Basket) Ellen Lee, Pierre/Ft Pierre
Madison (Gift Basket) Bernie Hanson, Watertown
Mapelton (Desk Clock) Tora Rozum, Mitchell
Marshall Noon (Gift Basket, Gift Card) Ron Gates, Mitchell
Marshall Sunrise ($100 Schwans Card) Dave Johnson, Watertown
Minneota (Gift Basket) Tad  Perry, Pierre
Mitchell ($250 Cabella’s Card) Gopal Vyas, Mitchell
Mobridge (Gift Basket) Kevin Donlin, Madison
Pierre/Ft Pierre (Gift Basket) Chris Becker, LeMars
Rapid City (Gift Basket) Tom Dice, Mitchell
Rapid City Rushmore (Gift Basket) Laura Root, Winner
Rock Valley ($100 Gift Card) Bryan Hisel, Mitchell
Scotland (Beef Bucks) Cindy Howell, Rapid City
Sibley (Cenex Gift card, Basket) Jean Koehler
SF Downtown ($500 Gift Card) T Hazel, Mobridge
SF North ($250 Gift Card) Steve Sikorski, Sioux Falls
SF South ($100 Amazon Card) Mary Edelen, Vermillion
SF West ($250 Gift Card) Mike Pekas, Sioux Falls
Spearfish (Gift Basket) Bonnie Ryken, Yankton
Tyndall (DeWalt Drill Kit) Cindy Olson, Sioux Falls
Vermillion (Beef Bucks, Wine) Carl Tonjes) Sioux Falls
Wagner (State Park Passes) Jim Mehlhaff, Pierre/Ft Pierre
Watertown (Gift Basket) Joel Leyden, Winner
Winner (Custom built walnut table) Tom Van Holland, Rock Valley
Yankton (Riibe Outdoors Adventure) Roger Novotny, Pierre/Ft Pierre

Rotary Foundation Goal

    Welcome to spring and all the events of that Rotary and our District 5610 will give you as you enter this time of year. We were certainly excited and pleased to see many of our district’s new club presidents for 2018-2019 at the President Elect Training (PETS) in Mitchell last weekend. First, our district needs to continue working on our giving to the Rotary Foundation, as we are just a little above 71% of our giving goal for this year at $142,098. Our goal is $200,000 for 2017-2018 and of course, our raffle giving conducted at the PETS will give us our district a significant boost and early reports show that the raffle provided our District with about $50,000 in funds contributed to the foundation. As club foundation chairs and current presidents we need to continue to encourage our clubs with the mission of Rotary and a significant part of our organization is our giving to the Foundation.
    I encourage you to look at all the various Rotary Foundation news on the website. As we are well into the Second Century of The Rotary Foundation, some great things are happening throughout the world because of our involvement in the Foundation. We need to keep in front of ourselves and our clubs all the things The Rotary Foundation has achieved and continues to achieve because of our support of The Rotary Foundation. I encourage you to look at the latest news on how the Polio eradication is developing because of Rotary’s efforts to vaccinate children and raise awareness of polio.
    Perhaps your own club is involved in a District Grant application project and take note of the work that our District and Clubs are doing throughout our district to improve lives and our communities in our district. Thanks to all the hard work and processes that our Grants Chairman Bruce Young has put in place. There is one more grant training on May 21, which Bruce has developed and noted in this newsletter for Grant Training.
    If as your District Foundation Chair, I can do anything to move your club’s involvement in the Rotary Foundation along please feel free to reach out and discuss it with me.
—Mike Gibson, D5610 Foundation Chair

District 4 Way Test Contest Winners

sponsored by the Rotary Club of Yankton
$200 prize
sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sioux Falls West
$100 prize
sponsored by the Rotary Club of Watertown
$50 prize
   The presidents of these clubs will be receiving the prizes and certificates in the mail. THANK YOU to all of those who participated this year, the essays were terrific and it was very difficult for our judges to come up with a winner.
Pat Sutliff, Chair of District 5610 Four Way Test Essay Contest

About Friendship Exchanges

    Friendship Exchange is one of the few International Exchange programs in Rotary that Rotarians can participate in. Vocational Training Teams are another. Because of tax laws, many exchanges and scholarships are not available to Rotarians or their families. However, in a Friendship Exchange a Rotarian and their spouse or friend are able to fully participate. The exchange consists of a team of 10 to 12 people traveling to another Rotary District around the world and touring there for about 2 weeks. During this time they are hosted in Rotarian homes, visit many Rotary meetings and projects, and see the country or area from the local's view. The team is taken to places that the local people think are important and would like to share. It really gives you a chance to learn about the customs, foods, etc of the area that you usually miss as a regular tourist. On these exchanges you typically pay your transportation to and from the country and for small gifts that you bring for the hosting Rotarians. Then the district that is visited sends a team to the country that they just hosted and those who participated in the exchange are responsible for hosting that returning team. Hosting on either side means providing home stays, food in restaurants some times, paying for entrance fees and providing transportation around the district. Some of these hosting duties may vary depending on the specifics of the particular exchange.

     Friendship Exchanges are an amazing way to make lasting friendships around the world. I also think that they are a great beginning to peace in our world as we learn more about each other, begin to understand each other and build lasting relationships. I am always looking for contacts in other districts who might want to do a Friendship Exchange with our district. Any ideas that people have for places to go or contacts abroad who might be helpful are very much appreciated. Any questions please contact me.

—Pat Sutliff, District 5610 Friendship Exchange Chair or 605-593-2896

D5610 Launches YouTube Channel!

Rotarians! You should check out the Denmark Rotary Friendship Exchange video produced by Tom Dempster now listed on our Rotary District 5610 new YouTube Channel. Access the YouTube Channel by clicking on the photo or the YouTube Icon.  If you have a video you would like to share on the Rotary District 5610 YouTube Channel, please contact:

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