As I write this month’s newsletter, we are getting ready to head to the Black Hills to visit the Noon Rapid City Rotary Club and hopefully some members of the new Sturgis Rotaract Club.  I then only have a handful of visits close to home and then another time out to the Black Hills at the end of this month to visit the 4 other clubs there and help the Noon Cub celebrate their 100th Anniversary. We’ll visit Mobridge on the way home. As I said last month, these club visits have all been so fun and none have been a disappointment.  Rotations are wonderful people!!

Foremost in my mind now is the District Conference in Sioux City, September 22-24.  Registrations are needed by September 8th for the meal count.  Although we certainly won’t turn anyone away, please respond ASAP.  I am so excited about the lineup of speakers we have and I’m sure no one will be disappointed in the content of our programing.  It’s also a celebration of our clubs and members by the recognition many will receive.  See more details on the website!!!  Sioux City has several events available Saturday afternoon and evening including free vouchers to the Sioux City Symphony; Martoberfest, a German Oktoberfest style celebration; and the Alley Art Festival.

The Rotary theme of September is:  Basic Education and literacy.  It is one of the 7 Areas of Focus and a popular service project among Rotary Clubs. Several clubs have projects related to Storybook Lands, StoryWalk®, support of the School of St. Jude, Four Way Test Contest, Dictionary Distributions to Elementary Students and Scholarships.  The most recent Rotary Magazine cover introduces the Guatemala Literacy Project.  Please keep these types of projects in mind as you plan your Rotary year.

October is a month away, but it’s not too soon to think about planning for World Polio Day on October 24th.  Some of our clubs have some very creative ways to celebrate the day.  Ryan Odor of the Le Mars Club, created a great fundraiser for Polio Plus.  Ask him about it at the District Conference!  Please note Dr. Willis Sutliff’s article on the website.  Polio has hit close to home with a case in New York.  People younger than I don’t have much personal experience with Polio.  My brother is a polio survivor. He is 9 years older than I so I don’t have any memory of when he was sick, but I do remember the image of his leg braces hanging in the attic where I grew up.  He now is struck with the post-polio symptoms as several friends of mine are, too. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Sioux City at the District Conference!!!!!

John Schneider DG 5610