Hope Haven is asking for assistance from our district clubs in the collection of new and used wheelchairs. 
Thousands of volunteers, have invested 24 years and bring a lifetime of expertise and skill to repairing and refurbishing used wheelchairs, crafting new chair cushions, and sewing wheelchair accessories. 
Latest wheelchair facts and figures:
1. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70,000,000 million people worldwide need wheelchairs and only 15% have them.  That means 59,500,000 people need wheelchairs worldwide.
2. There are 190 countries in the world recognized by the WHO.  Of those 190 countries, 34 are developed countries and 156 are undeveloped.  Eighty-five percent (85%) of the people who need wheelchairs are in the 156 undeveloped countries.
3. As of April 30, 2019, Hope Haven has delivered 127,104 wheelchairs to people in need in 108 countries.
4. It would be of great help for clubs to accumulate wheelchairs, Hope Haven will collect them free of charge from any location in District 5610 or anywhere else.  Please click here to contact Steve Sikorski and he will arrange for pickup.
Help us exceed the 127,104 wheelchairs that have been distributed.  Wheelchairs provide people with disabilities their mobility, inclusion, and care they deserve and need. Hope Haven provides quality wheelchairs that are safety-tested and tailored to meet the needs and size of each individual, giving people the opportunity to live a fulfilling life!  To learn more please visit https://www.hopehaven.org/what-we-do/international-ministries/wheelchairs