“In life’s journey, a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you refuse to make the turn”.  In 2018, Penny and I decided that I should embark on this “journey” of serving as this District’s 2021-2022 District Governor.  I can honestly say that it was not without a certain degree of concern and trepidation (what am I getting myself into??) that I jumped into the commitment.  It’s definitely been a ride, and one I will always look back on with (mostly) fond memories.  I need to use that well-worn and somewhat trite phrase that “it seems like only yesterday” …because its so very true!  There were certainly moments when I doubted my sanity (and so did my wife), but luckily, there has always been my amazing team of committed, kind and forgiving Rotarian leaders to support me, pick me up when I was down, gently correcting me when I started down the wrong path, and always, always cheering me on when things were going as planned and even when they weren’t.

My wife, Penny, has been my constant supporter, editor, strategist, tech advisor and head cheerleader throughout the past three years, and I will always be grateful for her support, her love, and the occasional “nudge” when I needed it!    

Nicole Rawden has been there for me always and has such an amazing talent to remind me of things before I even know I’ve forgotten them, to pull out information that I could spend a week searching for in minutes, and to always be there, even late nights and early mornings, to help me do my job better than I could ever hope to do it myself. 

We have an amazing “DG Track”.  IPDG Dan has been a wealth of information and advice when I was facing difficult decisions, and DGE John has become a close friend, always there to laugh together and sometimes have those uncomfortable talks about difficult decisions.  I’m confident that John will be an excellent DG and further advance our District in positive ways!  DGN Rich and DGND Bruce are both in the midst of DG training, and I feel both possess the right stuff to be great DG’s. 

Our Leadership team for the past year is one of the main reasons for the successes we’ve enjoyed as a district this year!  We’ve grown, we’ve established broader and well-structured committees, we’ve developed new long-standing programs that will continue on for many years and we’ve definitely gotten the train back on the tracks after two long years of COVID pain.  I’m so grateful for all the work, much of which has gone unseen by most, that District Chairs and their committees have performed.  I could write a long essay on all the wonderful successes I’ve seen this year that have been performed with little fanfare, just because “it was the right thing to do”!    

The other main reason for the successes our district has enjoyed this year is YOU!  You are the club member that shows up to meetings, volunteers to chair projects, comes up with new innovative ideas, brings that friend or neighbor who becomes a great member, and who gives freely of his or her time and talents and treasures to make our District and our organization stronger!  Never hesitate to take the next step… to chair the committee, to serve on the Board of Directors, to be an Assistant Governor, or to serve in a district leadership committee.  Our success is due to people that our willing to take the next step.  I know that I will never regret my decisions to do so!

Which brings me back to my opening quote…although I don’t know where I might land in my next Rotary adventure, I do know that this is definitely just a “bend in the road” and not “the end of the road”.  I ask that as you thoughtfully consider the next step in your Rotary journey, and that you think and move forward boldly.  I can promise that you won’t regret it!  Thank you all for allowing me to serve as your District Governor.  It’s been my honor and my privilege and given me many forever memories. 

In Rotary, serving to change lives,


Doug Lind   

District Governor 2021-2022