We have entered the closeout phase of the District Raffle.  Tickets need to be returned to Mike Gibson by close of business May 17th to be included in the drawing.  The drawing will be held via a zoom call on May 25th.  A zoom link will be sent within  the next few days to allow everyone interested to watch it happen!
DG Rich Burns and NDG Mike Gibson thank everyone on behalf of Rotary International and District 5610 for your willingness and commitment with this year’s District Raffle Event. The District Raffle is our primary fundraiser supporting the Rotary Foundation. Up to fifty percent of the money raised from this effort comes back to the District and supports many of the local community and humanitarian accomplishments our Clubs are known for. The other half supports Foundation efforts worldwide. Without your involvement, none of this would be possible.



To be eligible for the drawing, all sold ticket stubs containing the purchaser’s contact information must be received by Mike Gibson not later than May 17. The Mailing address for the ticket stubs is Mike Gibson 7110 Prestwick Road Rapid City, SD 57702. Mike can also be reached at (605)222-1451. If your tickets are mailed anywhere else other than the address listed, they will not be eligible for the raffle drawing.


1.            Neither Mike nor I are authorized to handle the money, so please work with your individual club and send the proceeds from the selling of Raffle Tickets directly to The Rotary Foundation with a completed Multi-donor form. A form should have been sent to you however, it’s also downloadable from our District 5610 Website. Go to the Website Events Page and Click “District Raffle” to find what you need.

2.         When completing the Multi-Donor form, please check the “Annual Fund – SHARE” box for funds collected from the sale of Raffle Tickets. Most clubs deposit money collected from raffle ticket sales into their Club’s bank account and write a single check to The Rotary Foundation for the total proceeds. However:

3.         If you have people who write a check directly to The Rotary Foundation, their checks can be sent in with the Multi-Donor form.

4.         A copy of the filled-out form along with a check (or checks) totaling the entire amount should then be sent to:   The Rotary Foundation, 14280 Collections Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60693 USA

5.         Remember while money spent to purchase raffle tickets is not deductible as a charitable donation, it DOES count toward Paul Harris Fellowships. It is even okay for money collected from the sale of raffle tickets to non-Rotarians to be applied to a Rotarian’s account toward a Paul Harris Fellowship!

If you would like more information, please visit the district website at http://rotary5610.org.