Happy May Day, 5610 Rotarians!  I hope today’s newsletter finds you all happy and healthy, and working hard to “FINISH STRONG” in this Rotary year!  Having just returned from a difficult trip to say goodbye to Penny’s stepdad, who passed away recently, I was once again reminded of the importance of living every day in an optimistic, joyful and productive way.  My father-in-law lived his life fully and completely, travelling the world, living a joyful and productive life, and dedicating much of his time to helping others above and beyond his regular responsibilities. 

Our world of social media and non-stop “breaking news” makes it easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all the things wrong with our world, instead of seeing the countless blessings we have to be grateful for!  ROTARY is one way, if not the best way to respond and show gratitude for all we are given; our way of “paying it forward”.  Most of you already know our well-kept Rotary “secret” – the more we do for others, and the more we give, the better we feel and the more we receive!

As we get closer and closer to the finish line for this Rotary year, take a moment to step back and count your blessings, review your Rotary Goals for the year, and give it your best effort to successfully complete your goals.  There’s still six weeks to go – plenty of time to bring that friend or business associate to their first Rotary meeting or project and help them become a new Rotary member. 

June will be here in just a few weeks, and with it will come the first “live, in-person” Rotary International Convention in three years!  Penny and I, along with thirteen other District Rotarians, are looking forward to hearing tons of great speakers, reconnecting with Rotary friends from around the world, and learning lots of new things about on-going and upcoming Rotary projects in other countries, and making lots of new friends!  It’s still not too late, if you have a last-minute change of plans or happen to be an impulsive person, to attend this memorable event!  Also in June, I will have the honor of passing my Governor’s pin on to incoming Governor John Schneider, at his home club in LeMars, IA.  I look forward to helping John in the next several months as he assumes the responsibility of this amazing job!  

Thanks everyone for your continued efforts to help our District become better, stronger and more vital than ever! 

Service above self in Rotary,

Doug Lind   
District Governor 2021-2022